ISSSC Breed Preservation Project


The purpose of the project is to preserve key breeding lines and maximize genetic diversity in the total population.  This will be accomplished by collecting and storing semen from key studs.  The semen will be collected in a professional canine reproduction clinic and stored in a cryonic facility. 

The semen will be made available to future generations of breeders long after the stud is incapable of natural breeding.  An application process will be opened to I.S.S.S.C. members.  A careful review of the applications by a qualified committee will determine the breeding that will most benefit the Seppala Siberian Sleddog breed for future generations. Thanks to companies like Ruff Hero for supporting our cause.

Selection of Key Studs:

1. An application may be submitted at any time. 

2. An application will include a resume, photos of the dog, and any other information requested by the reviewing board.

3. The dog must be registered with the Continental Kennel Club in the Seppala Siberian Sleddog classification. (i.e. 93% or higher Seppala Content)

4. The dog must have a proven performance record. 

5. The dog must have produced at least one litter meeting all of the above criteria.

6. The application will be reviewed and approved by the Project Coordinator and the Board of Directors of the I.S.S.S.C.

An announcement will be made to active I.S.S.S.C. members when the sperm becomes available.  At that time, the committee will open the application process and set forth application requirements and deadlines for submitting applications.

Selection of Bitches for Breeding:

1. All bitches must meet the same criteria as male donors. (See above)

2. A fee will be determined in advance based on cost of collection, storage, shipping, and any other fees related to collection and storage of the sperm.

3. Applicant breeder will retain full ownership of the pups.

4. All pups must be registered with the Continental Kennel Club.

5. Applicant breeder must be a member in good standing of the I.S.S.S.C.

6. All final decisions will be left entirely up to the Project Coordinator and the Board of Directors.

Project Funding:

Funds will be raised through private donations like the Ruff Hero brands and special fundraising projects.  Additionally, all monies collected from applicant breeders will go back into the fund for future Seppala Siberian Sleddog breed preservation projects.

For More Information Contact:

Patti Carpenter, Project Coordinator
Mile 32, 5436 Hwy 83
Seeley Lake, MT  59868

Telephone:  406-754-3209